Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the art of capturing the  story of your special day through images and video footage.
We bring the elegance of fashion photography and blend it with the emotions of your wedding day.  Our approach is a blend of casual, natural and romantic story-telling.  Our team captures as many unique angles and spontaneous moments as possible.  This gives you the opportunity to enjoy each moment of your wedding day, without  photographers interruption.
We are New Jersey based wedding and event photographers. We travel any where with you to photograph your special wedding. We encourage you to come for a free consultation to discuss your photographic needs. We will be happy to come to your wedding rehearsal session to get to know your special plans ahead.
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Dance Debut  (Debut performance of an art form)

  It takes years of dedicated training and practice to master a dance form.  Then you and your loved ones work together for about a year to prepare for that graduation day.  When you ascent on stage to mark a milestone in your life, don’t you need an experienced team to capture and make every moment memorable ?

  Only an experienced team of photographers who have knowledge about these art forms can stay focused  for hours to capture the various karana, hasta, adavu, mudra and abhinayas for you.   As you enjoy performing each of these elements on stage, we love freezing those moments that you will cherish in your heart.

  We supported more than 75 dancers and over 35 dance teachers.  Many teachers chose Indus Photography to capture their own daughter’s Arangetram.  It takes a lot of expertise, dedication and passion for this art to photograph a live dance event.  Visit the feedback section and Google reviews, to listen to our clients.

  Our specialty is fully customized service to your requirements.  We provide a complete photographic service from portrait session, custom invitation & brochure design, posters & banners, guest sign-in book, photographic coverage of the performance, thank you card and souvenirs, to designing your final Album.  See our dance debut details……     OR   Contact us for your custom package pricing.


Holy Communion

We have expertise to assist you with photo and video coverage to make your First Holy Communion memorable. We provide a complete package which includes portrait session, custom invitation design, guest sign-in book, photographic coverage of the ceremony, reception, thank you card, souvenirs and even design a custom designed Album.

Even from group communion ceremonies we provide you a personalized and custom design album.

Portraits: You do not have to purchase the complete package. Come to our studio and have your portraits taken. Packages starting from just $30.00. We also provide digital images on CD.     details…… OR Contact us for custom package pricing.


Sweet 16

 What an exciting day in a family as their little girl turns to an young lady. We will provide complete photo and video coverage to make your sweet 16 memorable. Prior to the sweet 16 party we sit with you and your daughter to discuss the special requirements that you might have.  We provide studio portrait session and custom designed photo invitation cards.  In portrait sessions we will assist you with posing suggestions. Feel free to bring your family or close friends to pose with you. On that very special day we love to be part of your celebration to gather every moment from getting ready, father-daughter dance to the very last dance. We will then custom design and make your album

You may choose just studio session. We  have various packages starting from just $30.00. Contact us to schedule an appointment.




 Whether it is a grand celebration or a small family event, we will provide photographic and video coverage to your Baptism celebration.  From family studio session, invitation design, photographic coverage of the baptism ceremony to thank you cards, we are a one stop shop to your photographic needs. We provide custom designed album of any size, type and budget.

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New Born


Do not miss a good photograph of your cute little one.  Contact us to schedule an appointment. We can even come to your location.

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Studio Portrait Session

Do not wait for a reason for family celebration. A family portrait session itself is a great celebration that you will cherish in your heart.

No sitting fee. No obligation to purchase images.

Free photograph as a thank you gift (one 4 x 6).

You can view and purchase your images online. We provide custom designed images to frame and decorate your family room. Studio portrait sessions are based on appointment only. Contact Indus Photography to schedule an appointment.

Image Enhancements and Design

  • We provide Image enhancement and other artwork design for any purpose.

  • We design posters to frame and decorate your family room or office.

  • We provide advertisement design for businesses.

  • We design and make custom albums for professional photographers.

Albums design and making for professional photographers

We provide complete service to professional photographers. We design photo albums and provide online proof reading to our clients. Once you are satisfied we print and ship the albums to you.

We have

  • 15 high quality papers to choose from.

  • 10 different cover materials.

  • Dust jacket, boxes and album bags.

Please see our unique album design and making process

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