Arangetram (Debut performance of an art form)

It takes years of dedicated training and practice to master a dance form.  Then you and your loved ones work together for about a year to prepare for that graduation day.   We have the experience to assist you with photography and video coverage to make your debut performance memorable.

    When you ascent on stage to mark a milestone in your life, don’t you need an experienced team to capture and make every moment memorable ?   It takes a lot of expertise and dedication to photograph a live dance event.  There is no retake.  Only an experienced team of photographers who are passionate about these art forms can stay focused  for hours to capture the various karana, hasta, adavu and mudra for you.   As you enjoy performing each of these elements on stage, we love freezing those moments that you will cherish in your heart.

We have covered more than 50 Arangetrams and worked with more than 30 teachers.  Visit the feedback section and Google reviews, to hear from our clients.

     Our specialty is fully customized service to your requirements.  We provide a complete photographic service from portrait session, custom invitation & brochure design, posters & banners, guest sign-in book, photographic coverage of the performance, thank you card, souvenirs to design and making of your final Album.  See our dance debut details……     OR   Contact us for your custom package pricing.

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Most popular customer choice 

  • Studio session (3 hrs) in a our state of the art 1200 square feet studio.

  • Free online image proof

  • Enhancement of images for invitation and brochures (10 images)

  • Custom designed guest sign-in book (30 page)

  • Custom designed posters and banners.

  • Arangetram day photo and video coverage (5 hours)

  • Images on CD

  • Thank you cards.

  • Souvenirs.

  • Custom designed album (30 page)

  • Two album design proof reading chances (Free)

We start with a one-on-one meeting with you and your teacher to plan and scope out the portrait session. This is scheduled about 2 to 3 weeks before the portrait session. Suggestions that we provide from our experience may help you, your teacher and make-up artist to prepare and maximize the benefits of your studio session.

Portrait session:  All portrait are taken at our fully equipped studio. There is an attached green room for makeup and costume changes. We also offer light refreshments in this 3 to 4 hour session. Images are projected Live on to a 60 inch screen for the dancer, teacher and parents to view.  Teacher and parents can select and sort the images as the shooting progresses.  You may group the images into different buckets like; for invitation, brochure, posters, banners, thanks cards and other souvenirs. At the end of the session you will have your images selected and sorted.  Isn’t that great! This gives you an opportunity to retake any shots OR capture any additional poses that you might have missed in the first place.  The proof of pictures will be provided to you online.  We welcome your family as well to come with you to take some group portraits along with you.  We can accommodate all of you (and your extended family members) in our 1200 square feet studio.  We understand the importance of a relaxed environment to bring out a natural expression.  So, unlike franchise studios at the mall, you can be relaxed in a quiet environment and express yourself and bring up your candid expressions.  We had all that in mind when we designed our state of the art studio.

Image Enhancement:   We can enhance your images to avoid any blemishes on the face or on the costumes.  It is recommended to enhance all images before sending the images to design invitation and brochure.

Posters and Banners: We design and make posters and banners of your choice to display your art at the entrance to the auditorium. In addition to representing your art form it also is a great decoration. These images are of very high quality that you may decide to use it to decorate your living room.

Guest books:  Indus Photography guest books created a new benchmark in the industry.  Our guest books are a fusion of a custom designed album and a traditional sign-in book.  They are unique and custom designed for you.  Our guest books helps you showcase your art and display them at the foyer of the auditorium.  Your guest flips through them, appreciates your art and sign there warm wishes to you.  More than a sign-in book, our guest books tempts you to flip through them occasionally.  Come see it to believe it.

Arangetram day:  Finally, on that much awaited day, as you make sure that all the artistic elements of the performance falls in place we ensure that all that moments from ‘Pushpanjali’ to ‘Mangalam’ are captured in its entire beauty. Our photographers are well experienced to capturing that right moment at the right time to provide you images that cherish for generations. Visit our gallery to see some of the clients we served.  You may see some familiar faces.  We are fortunate to serve many dancers every year.  It is live.  There is no retake. Rest assured on our experienced staff, relax and enjoy your once in a life time performance.  We know how close this event is to your heart.  We are passionate about our job just as you are to your art form.

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Thank you card:  We provide custom designed thank you cards.  You can provide them to your guests as they leave the auditorium.  This could avoid the hassle of mailing thank you cards at a later date. Which we all know, most of the times never happen.

Album:  You name it we have it for you. All our albums are custom designed and unique. We do not use standard design template. We provide online proof of the design for your review.  We provide two design-proof readings to our customers at  no extra cost. Check out our unique album design and proofing process….

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