Saint Purandaradasa

Saint Purandaradasa – An Indian Classical Dance Drama
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Purandaradasa – Dr. A. R. Sreedhara
Saraswathi Bai – Akhila Rao
Father – Dr. Sanjay Doddamani
Mother & Vishnu – Veena Mohan
Red Costume Dancer – Sushama Shreyas
Poor Lady & Lakshmi – Vani Kadur
Poor Brahmin – Mohan Cadaba
Senior dance students from Apoorva Noopura:
Apoorva Rao, Nitya Dhanaraj, Snigdaa Sethuram, Sanjana Rao
Kuttis – Parvathy Regi, Diya Inta and Rhea Punathil
Other dancers: Shruti Marichetty, Gahan Kadur, Hamsini Kumar, Sanjana Kumar, Nikita Agarwal, Harrinee Senthilkumar
The transformation of the Srinivasa Nayaka to Purandaradasa is indeed a miracle that brought the golden age of Bhakthi to life with compositions and ideals that were easily understood and followed by common folk. The story was brought to life in this beautifully choreographed dance drama
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